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Austin Police Operation Blue Santa Fact Sheet

  NAME: Austin Police Operation Blue Santa  
  Website: http://www.BlueSanta.org/  
  Date Formed: December, 1972  
  Location: Austin Police Operation Blue Santa
4101 S. Industrial Drive, Suite 260, Austin, Texas 78744

Austin Police Operation Blue Santa has been a program for the Austin Police Department since 1972.  This charitable outreach began when two patrol officers realized that some families on their patrol beat would not have gifts or food for their children at Christmas.

What began with gift distributions to 20 families from the back of a patrol car has become a massive effort in partnership with the Austin Fire Department, Austin Energy, Austin Water Utilities, and the Texas National Guard.

Each year, Austin Police Operation Blue Santa serves more than 3,800 families, with 17,000 children in those families receiving gifts.  In the past few years our numbers have increased to over 5,000 families and over 20,000 children due to some additional areas of families we are now assisting with. The community is generous in their support, contributing to many events, including the Chuy’s Children Giving to Children Parade, held the Saturday after Thanksgiving each year.  All the toys collected during the parade are  donated to  Austin Police Operation Blue Santa.

Austin Police Operation Blue Santa provides toys & food for families in need during the Holiday Season.


The Mission and purpose of the Austin Police Operation Blue Santa is to provide toys and food for families in need during the Holiday Season.  We achieve this goal with the goodwill and support of Austin residents, businesses, and civic groups.  Through generous contributions, we provide families with a full holiday meal and toys for each child up to the age of 14.  Packages are delivered to the family by our volunteers – Santa’s Helpers.

Austin Police Operation Blue Santa is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community-based corporation, governed by a board of directors and staffed by volunteers and employees of the Austin Police Department.  Support is  provided by the Austin Police Department, Austin Fire Department, Austin Energy, Austin Water Utilities and the Texas National Guard, area businesses, organizations, & the Central Texas community.

Austin Operation Blue Santa opens its doors to welcome volunteers each year beginning the first week after Thanksgiving.  Individuals who wish to help sort and package gifts may drop in at their convenience during the hours of operation listed on the web-site (www.bluesanta.org).  Groups of 8 or more are also welcome and are asked to reserve a time slot in advance.

All deliveries this year will be made on Saturday, December
16th.  On that day volunteers begin lining up in their vehicles early in the a.m. to pick up packages to be delivered to their designated families who anxiously await their arrival .

  Major Event

* 11/18/17 -  Chuy's Children Giving to Children's Parade
* 11/26/17 -  Zilker Tree Lighting Metropolitan Park
* 12/0
1/17 -  KOKE - Austin Operation Blue Santa Breakfast
* 12/02/17 -  Sweet Rides - Central Texas Blue Santa Toy Drive & Car Show
* 12/05/17 -  Brown Distributing - GAMA - The Horn 104.9 Blue Santa Toy Drive
* 12/09/17 -  Team Krotejagers Toads For Tots Event
* 12/12/17 -  Retail-Me-Not / SAM's Shopping Spree Event benefiting Austin Police Operation Blue Samta
* 12/
13/17 -  Austin Carriage's Annual Blue Santa Toy Drive
* 12/
16/1-  Austin Police Operation Blue Santa - DELIVERY DAY

  For More Information: Austin Police Operation Blue Santa

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